Alannah Vellacott

Alannah is a Bahamian marine ecologist with 11 years of experience working in marine research, conservation and education in The Bahamas and The Caribbean. She is currently the Coral Restoration Specialist at Coral Vita, and a member of Diving With A Purpose.

Alannah was a former Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholar (BES Scholar) through Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF). This awarded her a full scholarship to attend the Island School in Eleuthera and participate in a 6-month, paid internship at the Cape Eleuthera Institute. This experience spring-boarded, Alannah’s career in marine research and conservation. Since then, she has made the rounds working and volunteering for non-profit environmental conservation organizations including the Cape Eleuthera Institute, BREEF, the Bahamas National Trust, Community Conch, The Nature Conservancy and most recently, Perry Institute for Marine Science.

A PADI OWSI with 17 years of experience in diving, Alannah has travelled The Bahamas and The Caribbean working on a variety of marine research and outreach projects. Some of her experiences include conducting AGRRA coral and fish surveys, establishing coral nurseries, outplanting nursery-grown corals back onto coral reefs, shark, conch and reef health research and even shipwreck mapping and blue hole ethnography. Alannah received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences in with emphasis in Ecology in 2017 at South Dakota State University and plans to pursue a graduate’s degree in Marine Ecology in the near future.


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Research Participation Expand

Lucayan National Park Coral Nursery Installation, 2018

Seafari Coral Nursery Installation, 2018

ANCAT Coral Nursery Installation, 2018

Fowl Cays National Park Coral Nursery Installation, 2017

Rapid Ecological Assessments – AGRRA Coral & Fish Protocol 2012 – 2019

The Nature Conservancy Coral Fragmentation and Coral Nursery Installation & Maintenance, 2011-2016

Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation’s Global Reef Expedition, 2011

Community Conch Queen Conch (Lobatas gigas) density surveys in The Bahamas, 2010 – 2011.

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Special Skills & Certifications Expand

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

PADI Reef Rescue Specialty Instructor

PADI Underwater Archeology Specialty

PADI Drysuit orientation

Emergency First Responder Instructor

Atlantic & Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment Coral Protocol Trainer

Atlantic & Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment Fish Protocol Surveyor

AAUS scientific diver

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